Plastic Parts, Polyhedral Model Kit

Plastic Parts, Polyhedral Model Kit

Type: D, G, I, L    |    Level: AP, Coll, HS

Replacement plastic parts for the Polyhedral Model Kit. Parts sold individually by type.

Parts needed to build each of the four assembled unit:

  • Tetrahedral Unit = 1 Triangular pyramid (tetrahedron top) + 1 Trianglular base (tetrahedron base)
  • Octahedral Unit = 2 Square pyramids (octahedron halves)
  • Square Pyramidal Unit = 1 Square pyramid (octahedron half) + 1 Square base (square half)
  • Square Planar Unit = 2 Square bases (square halves)

Replacement Rubber Connectors for the Polyhedral Model Kit are also available.