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Nanoworld Hands-On Student Sets

Nanoworld Hands-On Student Sets

Type: CP, D, G, I, L    |    Level: Al Levels

The Nanoworld Hands-On Student Sets has the materials and brief instructions for hands-on activities with LEDs and fiber optics, diffraction, memory metal, and “seeing” atoms. The sets come with mini-activity booklets that illustrate carrying out each activity and "Try This" Packets. Each "Try This" Packet includes the materials needed to demonstrate the activities and contains:

• LED mini flashlight • diffraction transparency • refrigerator magnet
• 3" memory metal wire • fiber optic cable


The Nanoworld Hands-On Student Sets are available in sets of 10 or 30 so that students can carry out activities individually or in groups. Purcahse a Nanoworld Presenter's Guide to receive background information, and instructions on how to lead your students in a discussion about the nanoworld and use these materials as a demonstration.

Additional items related to the nanoworld are available from ICE to supplement this kit:


The "Try This" booklet and packet is a product of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) Interdisciplinary Education Group (IEG) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, was funded by the National Science Foundation, and is distributed by the Institute for Chemical Education.