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Memory Metal Kit

Memory Metal Kit

Type: D, I    |    Level: Al Levels

Pull the ends of the ICE memory metal wire to distort it, then watch as it returns to the ICE shape when put into hot water. Our Memory Metal Kit explains how some metals can be bent and will return to their original shape when the temperature is raised because the have been trained to remember a certain shape-which is to say they have a memory.

The ICE Memory Metal Kit includes one piece of memory metal wire (Nitinol™) shaped to spell “ICE”, an eight-page description of the chemistry responsible for shape-memory retention, and many diagrams illustrating the concepts ready for projection.

Click the ICE structure to view the table of contents for the Memory Metal Kit.

Additional items related to memory metal are available from ICE to supplement this kit:

  • Memory Metal Wire, ICE-Shaped contains one ICE-shaped Nitinol™ wire, no instruction manual included
  • Memory Metal, set of 10 3" pieces contains 10 3” pieces of annealed Nitinol™ wire. These pieces can be bent into any shape and will snap back to straight pieces when put in hot water.
  • Memory Metal, untreated is avaiable as cut-to-size lengths of untreated Nitinol™ wire. Create your own shape, anneal the wire at a high temperature and, when cooled, the room-temperature wire can be distorted and restored in hot water.