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Line of Resistance Kit: Teacher or Classroom

Line of Resistance Kit: Teacher or Classroom

Type: G, L    |    Level: AP, Coll, HS

Using the Line of Resistance Kitstudents can explore the electrical properties of materials and circuits with a graphite pencil, an ordinary piece of paper, and a multimeter (not included). The kit includes a 44-page manual with 10 easy-to-do experiments, a graphite pencil, a template, heater wire, 1000-ohm resistor, and a piezoelectric igniter.

The manual describes measuring electrical resistivity of graphite and wire, determining resistance of serial and parallel circuits, and open and short circuits. The piezoelectric igniter, allows students to demonstrate how lightning rods work (the path of least resistance). A multimeter is required but not provided.

The Line of Resistance Kit is available as a

  • Teacher Kit, which contains the instruction manual and enough materials for a single user or for a teacher demonstration
  • Classroom Kit, which contains the instruction manual and enough materials for 20 students

Click the ICE structure to view the table of contents for the Line of Resistance Kit.

Additional piezoelectric ignitersare available for purchase.

The Line of Resistance Kit is the result of a joint effort by ICE and General Atomic Sciences Education Foundation to bring hands-on materials and physical science to teachers and students.