Exploring the Nanoworld Kit

Exploring the Nanoworld Kit

Type: G, I    |    Level: AP, Coll, HS, MS

Nanoworld adventures await inside this hands-on general-audience activity kit! Introduce and explore the feats of “seeing” atoms, assembling them into a variety of novel structures, and customizing their properties to develop new technologies. Exploring the Nanoworld is available in both English and Spanish language versions.

The kit contains everything you need to introduce and explore the nanoworld (except a standard 9-V battery):

• 20 page color booklet • magnifying glass • 3" memory metal wire
• diffraction transparency • fiber optic cable • refrigerator magnet
• mini LED flashlight • light emitting diode


Additional items related to the nanoworld are available from ICE to supplement this kit:


The Exploring the Nanoworld Kit is a product of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) Interdisciplinary Education Group (IEG) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, was funded by the National Science Foundation, and is distributed by the Institute for Chemical Education.