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DNA Optical Transform (X-Ray Diffraction) Transparencies

DNA Optical Transform (X-Ray Diffraction) Transparencies

Type: CP, D, I    |    Level: AP, Coll

When students have a DNA Optical Transform (X-Ray Diffraction) Transparency and laser pointer, simulating Rosalind Franklin’s famous X-ray diffraction experiment that led to the discovery of the DNA double helix becomes a hands-on activity. Students see the diffraction patterns by shining a laser through the transparency and projecting the patterns onto a screen or wall. Transparencies are available individually or in sets of 5 or 10.

A source of visible laser light is not included, but any laser pointer will work. To use these transparencies effectively you need one copy of the DNA Optical Transform (X-Ray Diffraction) Kit which includes directions.

Note: as of January 2011 the DNA Diffraction Transparencies have been updated. The new transparencies are laser photo plotted at a higher resolution which allows us to better model the true structure of B-DNA. As a result you will find that the diffraction pattern of B-DNA (cell J) is different from that produced by the old diffraction transparencies, but is a more accurate representation of DNA's structure. The manual has been updated accordingly; please refer to it for more information.